Message From the Chair of Governors

Welcome to the Commonswood School Governors’ page.  As Chair of Governors I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about the Governing body and it’s work at Commonswood School and to let you know how you can contact us should you need to.


What is the Purpose of the Governing Body?

The purpose of our governing body is to:

Some of these purposes are set in law.

A school’s governing body is a corporate body. This means it has a legal existence separate from that of its individual members. As long as governors have acted honestly, without ulterior motive, and reasonably, within the law and regulations, the governing body cannot be held to account as individuals for any liabilities incurred by the governing body.


How do Governors fulfil these purposes?

We exercise our duties in a number of ways:

How do we communicate with Parents and Staff and each other between meetings?

We maintain email communication with each other, and the Chair and Clerk seek to keep Governors as well informed as possible in between meetings.

The minutes of Governing Body meetings are available for Parents to view in school, on request. Confidential matters involving, for example, named staff or pupils will not be included in these minutes.


Contacting Governors

Contact with governors should be made via the Chair of Governors through the school office. Emails should be sent to Alternatively, you can write and either post or hand in the letter to the school office, who will forward it to me. I will try to respond as soon as possible.


Governor Vacancies

We currently have vacancies for 2 Co-opted Governors.  To understand the role of a Governor download the following document for full detail:

The role of a governor
LA Governors
Ruchi Datta
Co-opted Governors
Julie Noakes (Chair of Governors) Chris Harrington (Vice Chair)
Maxine Fryer-Kelsey ** Vacancy **
Natasha Lewis ** Vacancy **
Parent Governors
Stephanie Barrows Darren Cooper
Lucy Winston  
Gill Seymour (Headteacher) Karen Dean
John Conlon

About us

Name   Appointed Term of office until  
Julie Noakes Co-opted 01/03/2022 28/02/2026 Chair of Governors
Chris Harrington Co-opted 23/1/2024 22/01/2028 Vice Chair of Governors
Darren Cooper Parent elected 23/01/2024 22/01/2028  
Gill Seymour       Headteacher
Karen Dean Staff elected 17/03/2022 16/03/2026  
Lucy Winston Parent elected 20/04/2022 19/04/2026  
Maxine Fryer-Kelsey Co-opted 24/09/2020 30/09/2024  
Natsha Lewis Co-opted 17/11/2022 16/11/2026  
Ruchi Datta LA 23/01/2024 22/01/2028  
Stephanie Barrows Parent elected 01/09/2021 31/08/2025