Reading at home

Questions that you can ask your child when listening to them read.

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Retrieving and recording information Explaining the meaning of words in context Prediction Summarising main ideas

Which character…?

Where did …go?

Where are…?

Where and when does the story take place?

What is happening at the beginning of the story?

Ask true/false questions based on the text.

Which happens first … or …?

Find the 2 words in this paragraph that describe this character.

What evidence is there that…?

What does … mean?

Which word tells you that…?

Find the word/ noun/verb phrase which shows that…

What do you think this story will be about? Why?

What do you think is going to happen next? Why?

What do you think… will say when…? Why?

What might happen in the next chapter? Why?

Which paragraph tells you…?

What happened in the story?

True/ false statements based on the text.

What would be a suitable heading for this page/ paragraph?

How would you label these parts of the text.

Which happens first,… or…?

How does the first sentence prepare the reader for the story/ article?

Think of one sentence to describe…

Think of one word to describe the main character. Why did you choose it?

Inference Choice of words to enhance meaning Layout

Ask true or false based on the text.

How do you think this character is feeling? Why?

What does the word… imply about…?

Why did he feel…?

What might… be thinking?

What might his/ her attitude be towards…?

What do phrases such as… tell you?

How do you know that…?

What else might make this character feel…?

What other reason could there be for…?

What is the effect of…?

Explain how the language in this sentence shows…?

Which words help the reader to imagine…?

How does the choice of language create the impression that…?

Why did the author choose the verbs … and …?

How does this create the impression that…?

How does the layout help…?

Give 2 examples of features that show this is a letter/ playscript/ diary.

Why is this part in bold/ underlined/ in italics/ capitalised?

How does the timeline/ image/ diagram/ layout make this easier to understand?

Why is this word in capitals/ italics/ bold?